1. darksilenceinsuburbia:

    Alonso Sánchez Coello 

    Infantas Isabella Clara Eugenia and Catalina MIcaela (detail)


  2. untitled by Pedro Galdino on Flickr.


  3. verboeu:

    amadorismo doentio cansou de doer e continuou doendo

  4. paysagemauvais:

    Saint Michael, detail - Carlo Crivelli (about 1430/5-about 1494) 
    about 1476
    tempera and gold on panel
    91 x 26 cm
    The National Gallery, London

    (vía karmafra)


  6. "The Self does not happen.
    It is omnipresent and eternal.
    What ‘happens’ is the recognition
    of the Self by the mind.
    This is called awakening."
    — Mooji  (via basava)

    (Fuente: ashramof1, vía basava)


  7. Nada a temer, nada a conquistar 
    Depois que esse trem começa andar, andar 

    (Fuente: Spotify)

  8. hirundinem:

    “Eyes” (“Oczy”), photo by S. Kozlowski of Poland, 1959.

    (Fuente: inthemoodtodissolveinthesky, vía unsophisticatedheart1980)

  9. untitled by Teresa Q on Flickr.

  10. comiques: